Homes are synonymous with a safe space where you take shelter. When we look for safety in a home, why do we look for top-notch security and facilities only? Why do we only think about the quality of the construction of the building and not the quality of its surroundings? In a day and age where increasing pollution and a wastage of resources are at its peak, it is important to reside where pollution and wastage are at a minimum and that can be enabled by choosing a green home.

A green home is a house designed to enable sustainable living. These homes focus on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials. It may include sustainable energy sources such as solar panels, and maximization of natural features such as sunlight and tree cover to improve energy efficiency. Here’s a list of benefits that come along with these homes:

Reasons Why A Green Home Is Important

●       Reduced electricity bills

●       Better quality of air indoors

●       Optimum room temperatures

●       Peaceful and quieter

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is the first rating program in India that assures credibility of a green home. Through its rating program exclusive for the residential sector, it ensures that homebuyers advance towards a sustainable environment. It facilitates efficient use of energy, optimum resource utilization, water conservation and healthy, comfortable and environment-friendly homes. IGBC ascertains if the project is a green building or not to ensure better standards of living. For instance, IGBC has recognised New Kolkata and Flora Fountain as green housing projects.

Here’s what you can expect in these IGBC accredited green homes:


Why choose Alcove Realty’s luxury apartments in Kolkata:


Flora Fountain

Accredited by Indian Green Building Council as a Gold rated Green Building(pre-certified), Flora Fountain has features such as rainwater harvesting and solar powered lighting in common areas to enable sustainable living. This ascertains maximisation of usage of resources. These luxury apartments in Kolkata are centrally located off EM Bypass, Park Circus connector & CIT Road to provide easy accessibility to other parts of the city. Along with a qualitative living, there are innumerable facilities within the project that make life convenient. The amenities at your disposal are:

●       Two Community halls with party lawn and kitchen

●       Over 8,000 sq. ft of Swimming pool area with poolside deck

●       Indoor meditation and yoga hall and outdoor yoga deck

●       Multipurpose hall

●       Home Theatre with giant screen and recliner seating

●       Water Filtration Plant

●       Sewerage Treatment Plant

If you think the benefits of these luxury apartments in Kolkata end here, that’s untrue. The apartments offered by Flora Fountain, Kolkata are infused with refreshing water bodies and sprawling landscaped greenery. The project is jeweled with elegant fountains and lightings that truly provide a serene environment for its residents. Dwell in the comforts of modern amenities and nature’s freshness in Flora Fountain’s IGBC accredited homes to switch to refined living.


New Kolkata


New Kolkata is an ongoing project by Alcove Realty that offers 1/ 2/ 3 BHK luxury apartments in Serampore. The tallest affordable township in Hooghly, these homes are engineered with the aim to move towards a greener tomorrow. Providing a solution to curb pollution, it has various facilities such as water filtration/ treatment plant, sewerage treatment plant, waste disposal space, rainwater harvesting and solar lighting in most common areas that ensure cleaner and greener surroundings for quality living. These homes have a myriad of other facilities too that are attracting several homebuyers.

Let’s have a look at some of their remarkable features:

●       Reading room

●       Swimming pool with poolside deck

●       AC indoor games arena

●       Home theatre

●       Hi-tech gymnasium

●       Amphitheatre

●       Pet Park

Take a walk along the riverside promenade and come closer to a secluded and tranquil haven by the Ganges to embark on a living experience like never before.

Alcove Realty has taken a step towards providing homebuyers with green homes. Engineered to ensure efficient use of resources, these homes are ideal for residents. Now, live your dream life at these luxury apartments in Kolkata offered by Alcove Realty that are replete with luxe amenities and efficient facilities to enable a better tomorrow.

The good life awaits you at Alcove Realty’s green homes.


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