When choosing a home, we tend to consider multiple facilities and amenities as a prerequisite but we forget to ensure if the builders have put in enough thought to provide safe homes for residents. It may seem trivial however when choosing an apartment, it’s always wise to check what safety measures have been put in place by the builder.

The location of a residential project is an important aspect to consider while buying an apartment. Kolkata, is largely a safe city with lower crime rates. There are areas in the city which are mostly residential and ensure the utmost safety - EM Bypass being one of them. There’s more to the benefits of this highly coveted location that makes one book flats near EM Bypass, Kolkata.


Providing an impeccable network for connectivity with easy and fast access to prime destinations is assured to the ones living in or off EM Bypass, Kolkata. Convenient approach to the Airport, proximity to Maa Flyover and presence of top schools, colleges and healthcare facilities ensure an array of options that influence one’s way of living. You can also find recreational as well as business centres such as Quest Mall and ITC Sonar in the vicinity.

No wonder developers choose EM Bypass as a hub for building housing projects in Kolkata. With a plethora of options to choose from, Flora Fountain tops the modern homebuyers’ list for its spacious 3/4 BHK apartments that fulfil the criteria of being a safe haven too.


Living in a gated community and being at work the entire day can cause one to have certain safety concerns. The developers at Alcove Realty understand this and have thus meticulously designed the 3, 4 BHK luxury flats in Flora Fountain keeping this in mind. They have taken care of something as minute as anti-skid tiles in the kitchen, balcony and open terrace and provisions for a full balcony grill to provide maximum safety within the gated community. A list of other features that make Flora Fountain one of the safest housing projects in Kolkata are mentioned below.

Fire Safety Measures - Located off EM Bypass, Flora Fountain offers 3/4 BHK safe homes where safety of residents is non-negotiable. With advanced fire safety facilities within the apartment as per norms, chances of damage from unforeseen circumstances in these flats near EM Bypass, Kolkata is reduced to a bare minimum. Additionally, the fire-fighting arrangement within the project ensures speedy control of the situation and easy evacuation from residences.

Childproof Specifications - A serious risk in high-rise housing projects is the balcony, especially among children. Thus, one should consider installing childproof windows or grills on the balcony. For residents considering installing such specifications, the builders have made provision for a full balcony grill to guarantee safe homes for your children while you are at home or in office.

Prevention from Forced Entry - We at Alcove Realty believe that prevention is better than cure and thus, we have installed Godrej locks or equivalent and tower bolts at every door to prevent forced entry into your home. A magic eye at the door and the facility of a video door phone ascertains that you know who your visitor is before they enter your apartment thereby, making these homes safe for the entire family.

Well-guarded Residential Project - The entire project is well-gated and guarded with tight security. With the residents’ safety being our priority, round the clock CCTV surveillance and state-of-the-art security systems have been incorporated in the project to ensure safety at all times of the day. Audio-visual intercom facility is also available that enables guards to inform residents about visitors either at the main entry gate security or from the particular building security.

With Flora Fountain being well-positioned in a safe neighbourhood off EM Bypass, it truly lives up to its reputation of being one of the safest housing projects in Kolkata. Apart from the aforementioned points that make these homes safe, there are a myriad of other reasons that have attracted homebuyers to book a flat here. With a double height clubhouse spread across 56,000 sq ft, luxe amenities for relaxation and rejuvenation are an everyday luxury. You can also find open spaces, water bodies, tree-lined avenues jeweled with lights and fountains in the project, all at a starting price of 79.45 lakhs. The attributes of state-of-the-art security measures, excellent connectivity, luxury living and aesthetic appeal all at an unmatched price, these peaceful and safe homes are set to exceed your expectations!

Come home to "Flora Fountain" where your safety is our priority.


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